DiamondNite is the first and only one step dual tester for non-diamond such as cubic zirconia, artificial moissanite, or genuine diamond. Just touch the probe to the stone – lights will show, if it’s moissanite, other artificial diamond, or a genuine diamond; confirm it by beeps – no beep means it is a CZ or other fake, the first continuous beep means diamond (green light), or if it is followed by a lower continuous beep, then it’s moissanite (red light).

The initial warm-up time is five seconds, the test itself takes only 1.5 seconds, and recovery time between tests is an astonishing one second! This device is 100% accurate. Features: Completely portable, uses one 9-volt battery (included) – no awkward cord or adapter needed Three minute shut-off alert to save battery Simple on-off switch, no tricky adjustments Gray shock resistant housing with easy to read features. Comes with complete instructions and is 100% accurate.




Alat ini sangat mudah digunakan, jika yang diuji adalah berlian maka Indikator berlian akan menyala, sedangkan bila yang diuji Moissanite maka akan menyala pada Indikator Moissanite. Bila yang diuji bukan keduanya maka lampu Indikator tidak menyala.

Harga 2,5 juta.

Hub. Wiryo 085216329587 PIN BB 267DBEFA


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